MH-60L DAP Decal Stickers


These decal stickers are made of premium durable outdoor sticker vinyl. The decals are laminated for added protection and are water and fade resistant and will maintain that awesome new look for years to come! MLA™ decals are of the highest quality and offer long lasting application.

Can be purchased as set: 1 – 5 x 3 / 1 – 3 x 1.8

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The MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) is a modified UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter.  This gunship is operated by the US Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR); the ‘Nightstalkers’. The DAP is used to provide support of ongoing, often clandestine, missions in Afghanistan. Because MH-60L helicopters carry out such demanding and dangerous missions, they require an extra kit. The helicopter’s upgrades include a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera and terrain-following radar, integrated fire control systems, head-up-display (HUD), upgraded transmission and a host of defensive countermeasures.


A number of weapons can be attached to the helicopter via the external stubs allowing for rapid reconfiguration to meet specific mission demands. Commonly carried is 7.62mm miniguns or 30mm cannon, 2.75-inch aerial rocket pods and precision guided weapons systems such as the Hellfire missile. The DAP acts as an attack helicopter providing area suppression or pinpoint attacks due to its laser designator. Another of the MH-60L DAPs primary missions is the armed escort of infiltration and exfiltration missions conducted by MH-47Gs ‘Hookers’ and MH-60Ks. MH-60L DAPs have seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have provided dedicated close air support to US military special operations forces, CIA teams and other agencies conducting operations in Afghanistan.

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