HH-60M Black Hawk Stickers

HH-60M Black Hawk Stickers


These decal stickers are made of premium durable outdoor sticker vinyl. The decals are laminated for added protection and are water and fade resistant and will maintain that awesome new look for years to come! MLA™ decals are of the highest quality and offer long lasting application.

Can be purchased as set: 1 – 5 x 3 / 1 – 3 x 1.8

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The U.S. Army’s HH-60M medical evacuation helicopters blend the fast, long-range Sikorsky Black Hawk with a clinical cabin for better patient care and a hybrid “glass” cockpit for night/adverse weather operations. The new HH-60M is designed from the frame up as the latest in medical evacuation aircraft. It provides comprehensive medical care from the battlefield to the hospital no matter how far. The HH-60M is faster and has more lift than its predecessors.

It has the latest in medical systems, such as a climate controlled interior, keeping the patients more stable en route. Oxygen generating systems ( an old system used bottles requiring a refill on the ground), suction, easier access to patients with an improved litter system, improved flexibility transitioning between litter and ambulatory patients and patient monitors all provide the best care for the wounded. Mounted on the exterior is an external electrical rescue hoist. The HH-60M boast updated avionics, moving map navigation, a flight management system that allows easier flight in instrument conditions as well as enhancing visual flight conditions. The advanced cockpit enables pilots to map entire missions on their displays, steer around thunderstorms with their L-3 Avionics Systems – Stormscope®Weather Mapping System and see thermal imagery from the forward-looking infrared turret on the Black Hawk’s nose.

The HH-60M is replacing the HH-60A/L, UH-60Q which were a multi-purpose helicopter that was modified for the Medevac role. These helicopters have provided comprehensive modern medical care from the injury site while en route to a distant hospital. The HH-60A/L, UH-60Q helicopters have flown in hurricane relief efforts, deployed to international rescue exercises, and mobilized to support active-duty units stateside. The HH-60A/Ls and UH-60Qs have gone to war in Afghanistan and Iraq and serve peacekeeping forces in Kosovo. The new HH-60M Medevac helicopter is here to continue that legacy.

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