Boeing 727 Freighter Decal Stickers

Boeing 727 Freighter Decal Stickers


These decal stickers are made of premium durable outdoor sticker vinyl. The decals are laminated for added protection and are water and fade resistant and will maintain that awesome new look for years to come! MLA™ decals are of the highest quality and offer long lasting application.

Can be purchased as set: 1 – 5 x 3 / 1 – 3 x 1.8

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The Boeing 727 is a mid-size narrow-body three-engine jet aircraft built by Boeing. The aircraft carries 149 to 189 passengers and can fly up to 2,400 to 2,700 nautical miles nonstop. The 727 was intended for short and medium-length flights. It can use fairly short runways at smaller airports. The 727 is Boeing’s only trijets aircraft. The 727 shares the 707 quad-jet upper fuselage cross-section and cockpit design.

The 727 followed the 707 quad-jet airliners with which it shares its upper fuselage cross-section and cockpit design. The 727 first flew in February 1963 and entered service with Eastern Air Lines in February 1964 and in 1967 Northeast Airlines took delivery of a stretched 727-200. Passenger, freighter, and convertible versions of the 727 have been built. The 727 became a mainstay of many passenger and freight airlines on short- and medium-range routes.  In 2003, Delta Air retired its last 727 from scheduled service. The 727 still remains in service with many freight airlines, governments, and some charter / passenger services.

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